E-OBD Information

Unlike North American OBD-II equipped TAs (equipped with OBD interface ports), DTCs on E-OBD equipped vehicles must read the 4-digit EOBD DTCs via a grey or black DIAGNOSIS connector mounted to the firewall.

Step 1: With the ignition in the OFF position, use a jumper wire to connect the TEN and GRD terminals.

Step 2: Connect a test light to the B+ and FEN terminals.

Step 3: Turn the ignition to the ON (not START) position.

Step 4: If there are any stored DTCs, the test light will flash the four digit code followed by a four second pause, then a different four digit code if other DTCs are present.  If only one code is stored, it will be repeated after a four second pause.

Step 5:  Return the ignition to the OFF position before disconnecting the test light or jumper wire.

Step 6:  To clear codes, disconnect the negative battery terminal for 45 seconds and reconnect.