Headlight Removal (1995-2000 models)


The high and low beam headlight bulbs can be changed without removing the headlights as shown below.  Twist the caps on the back counter-clockwise to remove.  Oil from your fingers will contaminate the surface of the glass halogen capsules if touched, which can shorten bulb lifespan or even result in bulb implosion making a serious mess inside your headlight.  Clean contaminated halogen bulbs with a clean lint-free cotton cloth and isopropyl or denatured alcohol.


If you must remove the headlight or change the parking/marker lamp in a single-piece headlight (North America/Japan models made before 1997), you’ll need to continue.  If you're changing the parking/marker lamp in a two-piece headlamp with a separate high/low beam assembly (1997+ North America/Japan models and all European models), skip down to illustration 9a for a visual guide.

Step 1:  Remove the black plastic trim panels under the hood covering top of the headlights and the void between the radiator and front grille.

Step 2:  Remove the two bolts at the top of headlight.  The picture below shows the top trim panels removed and the top of the headlight.


Step 3:  Set the parking brake, raise the front of the vehicle and secure it on jack stands.  You can remove the wheel on the side you’re working on for easier access, but it is not mandatory as turning the steering wheel to clear the mud guard area is usually sufficient.

Step 4:  Remove the four (4) Phillips-head screws attaching the bottom of the wheel well trim shown below on the right side.  If your removing the left-hand headlight assembly, you should be able to pull this panel down while reaching up with the a 10mm socket and ratchet to release the headlight.  On the right-hand side, as pictured below, you will meet the washer fluid tank and will have to proceed a bit further.



Step 5:  Remove the plastic rivets retaining the mud guard in the wheel well.  Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the core screws and then use a flathead screwdriver to pry the plastic rivets out as shown in the photo below.



Step 6a:  Use a small 10mm box-end wrench or socket/extension to loosen and remove the bolt holding the headlight from the rear.


Step 6b:  If you’re feeling around behind the fender blind because you probably don't have the pleasure of a lift in your garage, the bolt holding the headlight is the topmost one.  FYI: There are three other 10mm bolts that hold the bumper in place and they are below the headlight bolt you’re looking for.  If you loosened the two top bolts in the headlight first, the headlight should become loose as you loosen its rear bolt.  If the headlight seems to be holding firm, you may be loosening the wrong bolt.



Step 7: Once the bolt at the rear is removed you may disconnect the electrical harness at the back of the headlight.



Two Piece (separate plastic marker lamp assembly & glass high/low beam assembly) skip to Step 9

Step 8a: Remove the top screw retaining the front fascia as shown below and remove it as illustrated below.



Step 8b:  The graphic below shows bolt locations and also illustrates the plastic tab below at the bottom of the headlight that may give you difficulty during the removal. 

Skip Step 9 as it is strictly for the two piece headlights.



Step 9a:  Remove the parking lamp assembly using the illustration below as a guide.  If you need to change the parking (city) lamps, this is as far as you need to go.



Step 9b:  Remove the fourth and final bolt exposed by removing the parking lamp assembly in Step 9a.  The headlamp portion of the assembly may now be removed.



When replacing the bolts on the one-piece units, there are two longer ones and one shorter one.  The shorter on the left in the picture below goes on the back of the headlight.  The other two go on top.  I haven't dealt with the two piece units personally so you'll just need to note any differences in bolt length during removal.




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