Engine & A/C Symptom Troubleshooting


Engine Troubleshooting

1.  Melting of MAIN or other fuses

2.  Check Engine indicator illuminates

3.  Will not crank

4.  Hard start / long crank / erratic start / erratic crank

5.  Engine stalls right after startup or stalls at idle

6.  Cranks normally but will not start

7.  Engine runs rough and/or has a rolling idle

8.  Engine runs rough on deceleration

9.  High idle speed after warm-up

10.  Engine stalls, misses, bucks, hesitates, or surges

11.  Lack or loss of power

12.  Knocking or pinging

13.  Poor fuel economy

14.  High oil consumption or leakage

15.  Engine overheats

16.  Fuel odor in or around engine compartment


A/C Troubleshooting

17.  A/C does not work

18.  A/C always on or A/C compressor runs continuously

19.  A/C does not cut off under wide open throttle (WOT) conditions


Other Troubleshooting

20.  Intermittent concerns

21.  Fuel refill issues

22.  Fuel refilling shut off issues

23.  Spark plug condition