Technical Service Bulletins


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Availability - Notification and description of service-related items.
Information - Additional information made available to service technicians to perform a non-mechanical repair or diagnosis.
Issue - A customer concern that cannot be resolved with typical OBD or symptom troubleshooting.
NVH - Same as Issue, but related to noise, vibration, or harshness concerns.
Repair - Additional information made available to service technicians to perform a mechanical repair or diagnosis.

TSB NumberNHTSA Item9596979899000102 
01296-Information - MIL illumination with DTC P1794.
080030610021000Information - Non-genuine accessories affecting airbag operation.
02896-Information - Seatbelt slow to retract (dirt on seatbelt anchor).
010270210000388Repair - MIL illumination with DTC P0300/0301/0302/0303/0304/0305/0306.
00598-Repair - Automatic transmission cooler line flushing procedure.
00294-Repair - Automatic transmission diagnostic procedures.
00295-Repair - Battery diagnostic and charging procedure.
010250410009427Repair - Battery test procedure requirements.
0101602635023Repair - Camshaft installation.
00396-Repair - Checking points for dead battery.
0101302634454Repair - Fuel injector replacement procedure.
0100602634330Repair - Fuel pump assembly and related component replacement procedure.
00198-Repair - Inspecting for backup current (dead battery).
090040310002064Repair - Rear window defroster grid line repair procedure.
090260410009424Repair - Speedometer replacement procedure.
0020410010540  Availability - Evaporative Emissions and receiver adapters.
0030710021610  Availability - Special service tools.
010050410005857  Issue - MIL illumination with DTC P0325.
010100310001516  Issue - MIL illumination with DTC P0325.
0100701620889  Issue - MIL illumination with DTC P1455 w/ or w/o low fuel indicator illumination with 5-8 gallons remaining in tank.
0600101628252  Issue - Tilt steering wheel inoperative.
060010310002193  Issue - Tilt steering wheel stuck in up position.
0700402635773   Issue - A/C has a musty / mildew odor.
01000-   Repair - Keyless remote transmitter battery inspection procedure.
0901801634442    Repair - Keyless entry system service information.
090010410006328     Availability - Dealer-installed electro-chromic rearview mirror.
0102902-     Information - Sulfer smell from exhaust system.
0900701628246      Information - Avoiding potential damage to audio head unit during removal.
0700302-      Information - Cabin air filter replacement.
0700102634368      Issue - A/C evaporator unit leaks water into passenger footwell.
070010210000667      Issue - A/C evaporator unit leaks water into passenger footwell.
080010610019774      Issue - Airbag warning light illuminates with DTC 26 and/or DTC 37.
1100102634444       Information - Vehicle Information Label (VIL) deletion for models produced from January 7, 2002.
0101601632235 Repair - Fuel pump installation difficulty when replacing fuel tank.
00700614124   Issue - Cigarette lighter does not work or will not stay in heating position.
0200401631614     Issue - 17 inch chrome wheel corrosion.
0500101617879     NVH - Whine or ringing noise caused by vibration being transmitted into the cabin through gear selector cable.
0500101620905     NVH - Whine or ringing noise during slight acceleration or cruise conditions.
0101301620900      NVH - Squealing or rubbing noise heard from drive belt when vehicle is put into gear with the A/C on.
070201617874       Availability - 2001 TSB index.
0700202-       Issue - Lack of heat in passenger compartment.
0200201620008  NVH - Rear suspension squeak or creak when driving at low speeds over bumps, while cornering, or on rough roads.
01600615641  Repair - Water pump leak inspection procedure.
0100301620007    Issue - MIL illumination with DTC P0420/0421/0430/0431 caused by overly sensitive rear oxygen sensor(s).
00300614904     Issue - Fuel gauge low fuel indicator illuminates but only 10-13 gallons can be pumped into tank.
0101101620896      Issue - Cruise control surges by 1-3 MPH while driving between 55-70 MPH.
181000614907       Availability - 2000 TSB index.
00598603854   Information - Seat belt extenders.
01299608126   Issue - Paint damage from iron particles / industrial fallout / acid rain.
01599606033   Repair - Piston standardization for vehicles within specific VIN ranges.
00300621299      Issue - Fuel gauge low fuel indicator illuminates but only 10-13 gallons can be pumped into tank.
02099607901      NVH - Rattling noise from exhaust on vehicles with certain VIN ranges.
00599609945       Availability - Special service tools.
00100613456       NVH - Front suspension knocking, thumping, or clunking noise.
0209754319    Information - Painting prep procedure for front and rear bumpers.
01398-    Issue - Automatic transmission fluid pan leak.
00198603891    Issue - Steering wheel slightly off center.
00198600334    Issue - Tachometer needle on wrong side of stopper pin.
00198603875    Issue - Tachometer needle on wrong side of stopper pin.
00498603855      Issue - Center console lid surface peeling.
01698604032      Issue - Fuel gauge inaccuracy with or without DTC P1455.
02298603874      Issue - Fuel gauge inaccuracy with or without DTC P1455.
00298603902      Issue - MIL illumination with DTC P0300/0301/0302/0303/0304/0305/0306.
00298603989      Issue - MIL illumination with DTC P0300/0301/0302/0303/0304/0305/0306.
02398603123       Issue - Headliner material peeling.
0019752490     Information - Key replacement program.
0079752520     Information - Parts replacement after airbag deployment.
04296-     Information - Rear bumper installation method.
0119752507     Issue - A/C odor and/or blower noise due to foreign debris.
0029752471     Issue - Blower motor fan speed incorrect or motor inoperative.
00998603864     Issue - Fuel / trunk opener switch on driver's door may become loose.
0079754320     Issue - Oil seepage from valve cover gaskets.
0099752493     Issue - Sunroof panel cover loose.
0129752509     Issue - Tachometer needle on wrong side of stopper pin.
0039752492     Issue - Wiper motor inoperative due to circuit breaker activation.
00297-     NVH - Grinding noise during engine cranking.
00598604035     NVH - Metallic tapping heard from the RH (rear) cylinder head exhaust cam area.
0059752474     NVH - Rattling noise from rear seatback.
0019752455     NVH - Tapping noise when engine is cold.
0019752503     Repair - Battery diagnostic and charging procedure for maintenance-free type.
0069753007     Repair - Engine noises and descriptions.
0089752497     Repair - Use of A/C leak tracer dye.
0049752992       Repair - Information and instructions on improving the efficiency of high-tension leads.
00498603900      Availability - Automatic transaxle bushing.
01098603881      Availability - Center panel.
0069752473      Availability - Leather seat trim (smooth grain texture).
00196-      Information - Headlight aiming service point.
00196-      Information - Number one engine mount modification.
04196-      Issue - Glove box lid does not fit flush with dashboard surface.
00196-      Issue - Oil leaking from under the timing belt cover.
03596-      Issue - Power seats will not move forward.
00298603913      Issue - Rearview mirror may become loose.
01496-      NVH - Creaking, knocking noise from rear of vehicle.
0049752498      Repair - PCV system modification.
00298603896       Issue - TCS and TCS Off indicator illumination with DTC 83 and/or DTC 84 stored.
0069544087       Issue - A/C evaporator freezing.
02794-       Issue - Assist handle cap detachment.
0019539757       Issue - Automatic transmission gear selection indicator lamp failure.
00294-       Issue - Battery discharge from trunk light staying on.
01596-       Issue - Center sunvisor holder cracked.
03994-       Issue - Cup holder operation.
0029539756       Issue - Drive belt tensioner damage.
0049540068       Issue - High effort needed to release steering lock system.
02394-       Issue - Roof insulator peeling off.
0029539760       Issue - Tilt steering wheel inoperative.
01195-       NVH - Rattling noise from fuel tank.
02295-       NVH - Rear seatback rattle.
0029539758       NVH - Snapping or popping noise around A-pillar caused by dashboard stay screw shifting during temperature changes.
0029752516       NVH - Thumping or clicking noise from steering shaft.
0139752521       Repair - MIL illumination supplemental diagnostic procedures.
0079543093       Unknown - Related to engine cooling system.
0119543098       Unknown - Related to fuel system / fuel tank assembly.
0069543096       Unknown - Related to unknown.


[1995-2002 Mazda Millenia technical service bulletins]